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Energy Clearing For Spaces Useing Sound-My Home Just Feels Off

You have done the dusting, cleaning, washed the windows, wiped the base board, maybe even painted and added some new pictures...but your home's energy still feels off...icky...not settled. When you enter it you feel uncomfortable or moody, and wonder if you're crazy for feeling this way or just really in tune to your surroundings.

Trust me friend...I get it!! You are not crazy!! Even the people over at Forbes understand about energy and how it can collect and stay in a living space. Check out this article to read more about it.

You are more sensitive to energies then you think and now you are picking up on those in your home. Energies that have come home with you or that have even been there from the previous owners. It can make you and your family feel heavy, unhappy and just icky.

But I have a super simple, natural solution to help you cleanse and rebalance your home's energy. It does not involve smoke and can be done within 60 minutes. A sound clearing for your home will remove any lower vibrational energies, past energies from previous families, rebalance the houses flow, as well as ground out the energy so that it is aligned with your's and those living within its walls.

Have you ever thought of calling in a Sound Facilitator, like myself, to cleanse and clear your home's energy using sound waves and frequency?!?! I bring in my 7 chakra colored quart crystal bowls and use numerouse techniques, and sounds to shift and remove energies within the home that no longer serve your highest and greatest good.

Offered to those that are feeling the call to reset their living space's energy in Central Oregon and the great beyond.

Also great for families that would like to set specific intentions and manifest life goals in an intentional way for generations to come.

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Home Sound Clearing And Blessing


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