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Float off to Dreamland Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath Mp3

Float off to Dreamland Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath Mp3

" Sleep is the period during which the brain is engaged in a number of activities necessary to life—which are closely linked to quality of life,” says Johns Hopkins sleep expert and neurologist Mark Wu, M.D. 


The intention of this sound bath is to assist your brain in relaxing for dreams, and deep sleep. The tones played can physically slow down one's brain waves, changing the state it is in. They will slow to the  natural dream-like sleepy state called theta, or the super deep sleep called delta. Created from 7 chakra colored quartz crystal singing bowls, this 40 minute sound bath will sooth you to sleep and will allow your body, mind, and spirit to rest and recover while sleeping. Giving you the opportunity to awaken refreshed, calmer, and ready for your day.


Sirah uses a very special Blue microphone to record her digital sound baths. It picks up all the fairy-like tones from her bowls clearly and without microphone interference. Feel as if you are in her sound studio having your own personal sound bath experience through your phone, computer or tablet. For an even more intense experience, listen to it with headphones in.


There can be some side effects to listening to a Sound Bath, not limited to: emotional release, restful sleep, lucid dreams, reduced anxiety and tension, bouts of sadness, fatigue, tears, stress relief, improved sleep, improved mood, deeper relaxation, heightening focus and energy, as well as providing a feeling of rejuvenation, and more. The sound itself has been known to move and "dislodge" stuck energy that is within your Auric field/ Physical Body.


Sirah is always here to support anyone who wishes to chit chat more about their experience, simply email her directly at   


Please do not listen to this recording while driving. Thank you 


Purchasing this recording  means you have read and agreed to EzraAlya Disclaimer.

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