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Heal With Serenity, A Crystal Lyre Instrument

Heal With Serenity, A Crystal Lyre Instrument

Serenity is Sirah's Crystal Lyre, she looks similar to a harp but plays like a chime. Her tubes are made out of quartz crystal and produce ethereal, soothing, and powerful healing music. Sirah has taken the last year attuning, practicing and learning how to make Serenity sing. Her soothing music can help you heal, feel better, improve the quality of your life, balance your chakras, lower blood pressure as well as cholesterol, and so much more. She gently creates frequencies and vibrations that penetrate your very cells. Removing the lower, dense negative energy within your body and aura, creating space for you to manifest your true dreams and goals. This album will support you in attracting abundance, love, and a new self confidence in your life.


Over 2 hours of healing crystal lyre music


Track 1 Come Back Into Present Moment Meditation WIth Sirah

Track 2 Liberate and Remove Blockages Sound Bath

Track 3 Chakra Alignment Sound Bath

Track 4 Center, Align, and Rebalance

Track 5 Attune To Higher Vibrational Energy

Track 6 Sleep Track- 1 hr 11 min


For the safety of all beautiful souls, please do not listen to this album while driving or operating heavy machinery. Thank you for understanding.

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