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MP3 Recording Of  Sound Bath Session

MP3 Recording Of Sound Bath Session

Have you booked an in person or streaming Sound Bath experience and wish to have the  session recorded so you can listen to it again and again? 


Do you want to have your very own copy of Sirah/ Ezra’s Divinely Lead and Created just for your energy field sound bath music?


Sirah can audio record your in person session and send you the digitally enhanced MP3 within 7 days of your completed appointment. 


This service does need to be booked in advance or at the same time you book your individual, couples, group or event sound bath experience. 


Listen to your own special recording and continue on your healing journey with the soothing effects from listening to Sirah’s 7 chakra colored quartz crystal singing bowls. 


Please make sure to check out with the email address you wish to have your MP3 sent. 



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