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Ezra Alya's Medicine Songs, And Passionate Pep Talks -Album

Ezra Alya's Medicine Songs, And Passionate Pep Talks -Album

Sirah Kreitzer of Ezra Alya has been working on this very special album for the last year. It is a collection of intentions, passionate pep talks  and affirmations written by Sirah/Ezra and curated by the Divine. Each track was birthed out of transitions, change, expansion. love, fire, and growth. Somewhere birthed at the river, others on the top of summits, and some while her feet were in the sand being kissed by Momma Oceans water. 

Each track is a little part of her heart and soul. In sharing this album, she hopes to activate and awaken your true authentic self. To support you as you remove the lower vibrations and negative patterns put upon you, and to raise you up until your own light is shining bright naturally. 

Track 0 Intro

Track 1 Go For A Walk

Track 2 An Intention/ Prayer/ Affirmation To Raise Vibrations For All HumanKind

Track 3 Gremlins- A Song For Intrusive Thoughts

Track 4 Passionate Pep Talks Intro

Track 5 Get Up

Track 6 Morning Motivation

Track 7 Breaking Soul Contracts

Track 8 Surrender

Track 9 Protection Song

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