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New Moon Sound Bath Meditation Track

New Moon Sound Bath Meditation Track

Transcend to a higher state of consciousness, set your intentions for the month to come, harness the power of the new moon's darkness, and use it to reflect and explore the unseen. Being fully present in your deepest desires and heartfelt wishes as you do so. This powerful 7 chakra sound journey will support you with: 7 quartz crystal singing bowls tuned to each chakra frequency Soothing, meditative tones to relax the mind and body, providing yourself the time to rest and be present Vibrations to balance your chakras and realign your energy Intentionally created to harness the energy of the new moon The crystalline sounds help to quiet your racing thoughts, reduce stress, anxiety, and lull you into a rejuvenating meditative state. Enjoy and Happy New Moon!

This sound bath is just under 40 minutes long. 

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