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Energy Sageing for Home or Office

The clearing of negative, stagnant energy and blessing of the new.

  • 1 hour
  • 122 US dollars
  • Northeast Woodridge Lane

Service Description

Your home should feel safe, "lightened up", fresh, and slightly warm when entered. It is literally home base for you and your family physically and energetically. It can become a container for stagnant energy, negativity, ungrounded emotions, and all the uncomfortable transitional moments that inevitably happen. Over time these energies can build up and dampen our living space's feel, appeal, lightness, and all over connection to our self-care rituals. It can begin to feel uneasy, heavy, busy (as if your not alone spiritually), ungrounding and have on overall general sense of unease throughout the home. These feelings can also occur within a new home. Simply because the previous owner left their energetic baggage behind. Dampening your energy and overall enjoyment of the New Home Process. Energy Clearing has been being completed/provided/taught for thousands of years. It generally includes the burning of sage, and is done by a Shaman, Elder, Healer, or someone studying Energy Medicine of some kind. One of Sirah's specialty is removing old, unwanted, heavy energy from spaces, ushering it out and sending it energetically on its way. Then inviting and holding space for the Universe, Angels, and the Light to refill with all the love, healing, positive energy, and oneness it can hold! She uses a mixture of sage, tobacco, herbs, Palo Santo, moon blessed water, and crystal energy. Invoking energetic assistance and support from Archangels to enter your home and energetically remove whatever is not of/for you, your families, and pets highest and greatest good. The process takes about one hour for a 1300 square foot home including garage space. Sirah will use her utmost discretion while being in your sacred space, cleansing it with honor, and holding space with compassion. She will wear a face mask, and can show proof of Covid 19 vaccination for your comfort, and safety of all in the home. Service is offered in the Bend, OR area (97701, 97702, 97707, 97708, 97709). Outer zip codes codes are subject to an additional $40 to $80 an hour travel fee depending on distance. A non refundable $30 will be required to hold your appointment. The deposit will be taken out of the finals price once service is completed. 1 hour booking minimum. If you are in the process of major healing shifts, have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, are manic, or are suicidal, I will not be able to assist in your journey at this time. Love and Blessing.

Sirah Kreitzer

  • 541 668 1716

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