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Event or Retreat Sound Bath Experience

Offer a uniquely calming, and relaxing experience to your guests.

  • 1 hour
  • 444 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Are you planning an event this year or next in the PNW? Are you looking for something different to offer your guests? Perhaps you want to give them an experience they will never forget. Or, you would like to enjoy your own event by creating a more relaxing ambiance? A Group Crystal Sound Bath Experience is the perfect activity to bring people together. Sirah will bring her 7 Chakra Colored Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls to your event, creating a once in a lifetime sound bath experience for both you and your guests. After a brief introduction, she will serenade and manipulate sound waves for 45 minutes of healing fairy-like music. Once the bowls are done “singing” there will be a light guided meditation to assist all in coming back into the present moment. Followed by a Q and A session. Leaving you and your guests to bask in the fuzzy good feelings. The science behind sound healings, and listening to specific frequencies is that it can/and most likely will, change your brain's state from one to the other. We are normally in the very active brain state Gamma. The goal of a sound bath is to easily, and without you doing anything, drop your brain state down into Theta (Deep relaxation), or even Delta (sleepy time ) brain wave states. The after effects of using sound to do this leaves you with what some have compared it to how one feels after they meditate, or have a full body massage. Sound Baths may assist your physical body and emotional body in stress relief, better sleep, improved mood, deeper relaxation, heightening focus and energy, as well as providing a feeling of rejuvenation. The sound itself has been known to move and "dislodge" stuck energy that is within your Auric field/ Physical Body. Sirah produces and manipulates sound waves from 7 chakra colored, quartz singing bowls to produce fairy-like tones in the notes of C, D, E, F, G, B, and A. While "singing", these bowls also produce the perfect healing frequency in 432 Hz. Please choose a location where you and your guests will be comfortable and can relax. Outdoor events must be covered, providing shade and protection to both guests and Sirah during performance. Offering chairs, yoga matts, blankets, or places for the guests to relax is the responsibility of the Events Coordinator. Booking this service means you have read and agreed to EzraAlya Disclaimer. Go to the FAQs page for Group/Event terms and conditions. Travel fees may apply

Sirah Kreitzer

541 668 1716

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