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Group Crystal Sound Bath Experience

For up to 8 beautiful souls

  • 1 h
  • 288 US dollars
  • Northeast Woodridge Lane

Service Description

Group Sound Baths are offered out of the comfort of Sirah's beautiful home. She can provide ample space for groups up to 8 people making this a perfect intimate get together, or an experience to share with those you cherish in life. Centrally located on the NE side of Bend, with plenty of street parking. Close to restaurants, music, and downtown Bend, you can easily keep the good vibes flowing after your sound bath experience. Some close local spots are 10 Barrel East, El Caporal, The Phoenix Restaurant, Ola, The Lot, The Yacht Club, and Rivers Place to name a few. Her large living rooms has plenty of comfortable space including a large sectional couch, carpeted space for yoga mats, mood lighting, thriving plants and trees and an overall relaxing setting. Enjoy soothing magical tones being played for 45 minutes from her 7 Chakra Colored Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. Once the bowls are done “singing,” she will gently bring you back into the present moment by offering a light snack and cool water. Sound Baths may assist your physical and emotional body in many ways, such as: -stress relief -improved sleep -improved mood -lowered blood pressure -reach a state of deep relaxation -heightened mental focus -renewed feeling of rejuvenation - and so much more!! The science behind sound healings, and listening to specific frequencies is that it can/and most likely will, change your brain's state from one to the other. We are normally in the very active brain state Beta. The goal of a sound bath is to easily, and without you doing anything, drop your brain waves down into Theta (Deep relaxation), or even Delta (sleepy time ) brain wave states. The after effects of using sound to do this have been compared to the after effects of a deep meditate, or having a full body massage, incredibly relaxed, warm, fuzzy, and grounded. What is the significance of 432 Hz? Music tuned to 432 Hz is softer and brighter, and is said to provide greater clarity and is easier on the ears. Allowing a deeper experience and connection with yourself and the Universe's flow. Would you like your very own MP3 recording of your special sound bath session? Go to Ezra's Store and add the " MP3 Recording Of Sound Bath" to your cart before check out. This service takes place in a cat loving home. Booking this service means you have read and agreed to EzraAlya Disclaimer.

Sirah Kreitzer

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