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Seasonal Home Sound Clearing For A Year

The clearing of negative, stagnant energies with sound frequency for protection and abundance.

  • 4 hours
  • 555 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Are you ready to have the best year of your life?! With a regular Home Sound Clearing you can change not only the energies in your home but also the quality of your life. With every season, you grow, shift and change, and so does your home!! Think of all the different people and the energies that come into your home every month let alone every 3 months ! It can build up quickly, affecting our sleep patterns, moods, appetite, and general lust for life. The seasonal change is a great time to refresh and cleanse the energy of your home and living spaces so that it is always feeling light, and bright. One of Sirah's specialty is removing old, unwanted, heavy energies from spaces, ushering them out and sending them on their energetical way. She has many different ways of doing this, but one of her favorite and most potent is to clear out energies using sound vibrations. By playing her 7 chakra colored quartz crystal singing bowls, creating harmonies and disharmonies that gently remove any unwanted energies from the space and sending them back to Mother Nature and the Universal Powers That Be. Sirah will use her utmost discretion while being in your sacred space. Cleansing it with honor, and holding space with love and compassion. The entire process takes around 60 minutes per session and you will receive an emailed Energy Report from Sirah with her findings once complete. With this service, you will receive 4 separate appointments, spaced out 90 days apart. 1 appointment per 90 days, and all 4 appointments must take place at the same address. Choose your first session date when booking and Sirah will contact you directly to book your future 3 appointments dates. Feel free to message Sirah during check out with any special Intentions you would like her to set during your appointment. Please note: Adults only (18+) on the property during your hour long session, and please make arrangements for your pets to be out of the house. Thank you for understanding. Booking this service means you have read and agreed to EzraAlya Disclaimer.

Sirah Kreitzer

541 668 1716

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