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Streaming Sound Bath

Tones and Frequencies played from 7 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

  • 1 hour
  • 111 US dollars
  • Google Meet

Service Description

This is for a 1 hour streaming Sound Bath Session through Google Meet , link will be provided after purchase. I want you to have the best sound experience possible and have put together a few tips just for that! It helps to stream from a laptop or desktop computer, and if not then be as close to your WiFi router (this helps with getting a strong and steady signal).Wearing headphones can intensify the sound experience, and please mute your microphone during your Sound Bath . I have a very powerful and sensitive microphone I use, and it can sometimes cancel out other microphones' sounds, creating static feedback. Sound Baths may assist your physical body and emotional body in stress relief, better sleep, improved mood, deeper relaxation, heightening focus and energy, as well as providing a feeling of rejuvenation. The sound itself has been known to move and "dislodge" stuck energy that is within your Auric field/ Physical Body. During the one hour Google Meet Sound Bath, Sirah uses 7 Chakra Colored, Quartz Singing Bowls to produce sounds including the tones of C, D, E, F, G, B, and A. While "singing", these bowls produce the perfect healing frequency of 432 Hz. Allowing a deeper experience and connection with yourself Thee science behind sound healings, and listening to specific frequencies is that it can/and most likely will, change from one state to the other. Alpha (relaxed brain state), Theta (deep relaxation), or even Delta (sleepy time ) brain wave states may occur during your experience. The effects have been compared to how someone feels after they meditate. The goal is to enjoy this one hour. Take a break from the brains constant business of thinking, planning, and organizing. Mentally go were the sound takes you, and just enjoy not having to do anything but listen!

Sirah Kreitzer

541 668 1716