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Chakra Balancing - It is a Twofer

Chakra Balancing - It is a Twofer

Have you been feeling off lately? Are you experiencing emotional swings, physical pain, insomnia, foggy brain, disconnections from others, and /or do you just not feel like yourself? You could have out of balance chakras but please do not worry. You can lbalance them by listening to Sirah's super special Twofer healing tracks.


What is a twofer track you ask? Google defines it as an item or offer that comprises two items, but is sold for the price of one. Sirah has taken recordings from each one of her chakra colored quartz crystal singing bowls, and paired them up with the corresponding Solfeggio Frequency. The album contains 8 tracks in total with the first being the introduction to the album. Then, each track begins with a description of one of your 7 main chakras, its location in the body, corresponding color, characteristics and representations of each, along with a beautiful 4 minute musical Twofer Track for you to experience. A gentle bell sound will signal the transition from the talking lesson to the musical experience. Enjoy this album that packs double the healing power, in less than 6 minutes of listening time per track!

Track 1- Introduction

Track 2-Chakra Course 1st

Track 3-Chakra Course 2nd

Track 4- Chakra Course 3rd

Track 5- Chakra Course 4th

Track 6- Chakra Course 5th

Track 7- Chakra Course 6th

Track 8- Chakra Course 7th

Track 9- Chakra Course Conclusion

    $22.00 Regular Price
    $11.00Sale Price
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