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I am, and have always been energetically open to those subtle forces that our human eyes can not see, but our Spirit does. Navigating and healing my own traumas with energy work, alternative medicine,  and new age healing techniques that shifted my life.  Crystal energy has always called to me, and I know that in some form, I will always be working with it. I took the leap during the pandemic world shutdown and purchased a set of 7 chakra colored quartz crystal singing bowls. It was the start of my new life filled with sound baths, sound healing, and sound therapy for myself and others. 

I have been a student of Energy Healing techniques since 2015. I have studied in: crystal energy, meditation, Goddess energy, space clearing and maintenance, chakra centers, energy sensitivity (Empath's), golden light therapy, sound therapy/healing, energetic DNA restructuring, energy cording, astral projection, Priestess energy and rights of passage work. I hold a Reiki 1 and 2 certification, Sound Therapy, and Healing Certificate. I am a Priestess of this New Golden Age, and an Ordained Minister in the state of Oregon. 


Ezra Alya is my medicine name. Ezra means “The Helper” and Alya means “towards the path of light.” I am simply a helper on your own journey towards the light. Namaste

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