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Crystal Sound Baths for Healing and Meditation Album

Crystal Sound Baths for Healing and Meditation Album

This album contains over 2 full hours of crystal singing bowl music, from 5 individually themed sound baths in MP3 file format. 


That is right!! Sirah has taken her 5 most powerful individual healing crystal singing  bowl sound baths, digitally enhanced them, and put them together in one place. Now you can have all the benefits of her soothing fairy like playing without having to book a flight to Bend, OR. 


Sirah Kreitzer is an energy worker who is passionate about spreading the healing benefits of sound therapy and crystal singing bowl tones. She plays 7 chakra colored quartz crystal singing bowls, creating a unique sound bath experience for individuals, couples, groups, weddings, retreats, and corporate events. As she plays, she builds, and works with the sound waves in harmonies, and disharmonies, to assist your own brain into dropping from super active Beta brain state  to calm, meditative, Theta brain state. Once there, our nervous system, and emotional body can release, recover, and heal easily, and without resistance.


 Some benefits of being in Theta Brainwave State are many but here are a few.

-healing your physical body from burnout. Illness or post physical exertion

-stress and anxiety reduction

-deep relaxation

-boots immune system

-connect to you subconscious mind

-awaken creativity

-problem solving and learning


In this album you will receive a zipped, Mp3 file with these 5 recordings -


-Relaxation Sound Bath Mp3- Just 15 minutes away from a Calmer You

Intention: To release and let go of what no longer serves my highest and greatest good.

-Chakra Balancing Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath Mp3

Intention: I invite sound waves to wake up and balance my 6 inner and 7 th outer chakras with ease and grace.

-Remove Stagnant Energy Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath Mp3

Intention: To open up to sound, allowing it to begin to move stagnant, still, and stuck energy within your body and auric field. Dislodge it, and then with love, helps it to flow once more. 

-Release Anger and Frustration Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath Mp3

Intention: To allow the feelings of anger and frustration to flow, moving out and away from our auric field.

-Float off to Dreamland Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath Mp3

Intention: To assist your brain into Theta brain state for relaxing dreams, and restful deep sleep.


Listen to these awesome files’s with headphones for a more intense experience.  


For your safety and the safety of others, please do not listen to these recordings while driving or operating machinery.


Purchasing this album means you have read, and agree to EzraAlya's disclaimer. 

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