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Galactic Support Channeled Crystal Fugues-  Meditation Music Mp3 Album

Galactic Support Channeled Crystal Fugues- Meditation Music Mp3 Album

What is a fugue? A composition repeated over itself. 

Taking on a new form, and creating something beautiful, and different. 


This Mp3  album contains over 3 full hours of Galactic Channeled healing music created from Sirah playing 7 chakra colored quartz crystal singing bowls. 

Who/ what is Galactic Support? If you have been walking the spiritual journey then you have most likely met your own spirit guides, angels, and Arch Angels through meditation. Galactic’s are those souls/energies that have never been incarnated on Earth. They are the Universes' Wisdom Keepers,  and Energy Protectors that hang out just waiting to send us energetic support. When we can tune in to them, we are given an all expansive rush of information that is most of the time, epic and life changing. 

Sirah’s was blown away physically, spiritually and emotionally when she connected to the Galactics and began downloading what they had for her. It started in December of 2022  and continued for the next 60 days. After 30 days of integration and processing she was  then guided to take her already healing crystal sound bath recordings and create something greater, and more intense. These compositions were to contain all the wisdom and love the Galactics had shared with her, yet in an easy to absorb, and pleasant listening experience for others. 

The end results were compositions that are truly transformative, and magical. Powerful enough to remove old energies, stuck patterns, ancestral patterns, unblock chakras, transmute traumas, lower blood pressure, ease pain, improve sleep, and so much more. Live this life the way your soul and higher self craves, with authenticity, love radiating from within, and the support from the Galactic energies that are always there for you.

Sirah Kreitzer is an energy worker who is passionate about spreading the healing benefits of sound therapy and crystal singing bowl tones. She plays 7 chakra colored quartz crystal singing bowls, creating a unique sound bath experience for individuals, couples, groups, weddings, retreats, and corporate events. As she plays, she builds, and works with the sound waves in harmonies, and disharmonies, to assist your own brain into dropping from super active Beta brain state  to calm, meditative, Theta brain state. Once there, our nervous system, and emotional body can release, recover, and heal easily, and without resistance.

 Some benefits of being in Theta Brainwave State are many but here are a few.

-healing your physical body from burnout. Illness or post physical exertion

-stress and anxiety reduction

-deep relaxation

-boots immune system

-connect to you subconscious mind

-awaken creativity

-problem solving and learning

In this album you will receive a zipped, Mp3 file with these 6 recordings -

Track 1 -Chakra Balancing Fugue

Track 2- Chakra Balancing Fugue with very gentle Lake Waves

Track 3-  9 Layer Crystal Bowl Fugue

Track 4- Lyre Fugue- layered 18 times- with Grounding Crystal Bowl Music

Track 5- 2.5 Hours Crystal Fugue

Track 6- Come back into present space guided meditation


Listen to these awesome  files with headphones for a more intense experience.  

For your safety and the safety of others, please do not listen to these recordings while driving or operating machinery.

Purchasing this album means you have read, and agree to EzraAlya's disclaimer. 


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