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Nature And Animal Sound Therapy With Crystal Singing Bowl Music

Nature And Animal Sound Therapy With Crystal Singing Bowl Music

What is Sound Therapy?

Sound Therapy uses sounds, frequencies,  music and specialty instruments played in different ways to improve your all around health and wellbeing. Different approaches vary based on the desired result. With sound facilitators specializing in specific instruments, approaches and styles. Sirah has created this album to help you reconnect to Mother Earth and be soothed by some of natures most comforting sounds. Each track has a nature or animal sound along with soothing music being played from her 7 chakra colored quartz crystal singing bowls. 


Sound therapy can reduce stress, mood swings and blood pressure, lower cholesterol, help manage pain and improve sleep. On the spiritual level ,it can cleanse your auric field, raise your vibration, balance your chakras and so much more. 


Enjoy over 5 hours of Sound Therapy Tracks!!!



Track 1 - Babbling Brook Sound Therapy

Track 2 - Crystal Sound Bath In The Rain

Track 3 - Crystal Sound Bath in 432 HZ

Track 4 - Freeway Sound Therapy 

Track 5 - Happy Birds Chirping Sound Therapy

Track 6 - Hummingbird Sound Therapy

Track 7 - Rain Therapy Crystal Sound Bath

Track 8 - Summer Evening Sound Therapy

Track 9 - Wash Away Grief And Saddness With Ocena Waves






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