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Heaven And Earth Sound Bath Session

Serenity, the crystal lyre and Brenna, the 18 inch buffalo drum join musical forces to support you.

  • 1 h
  • 99 US dollars
  • Northeast Woodridge Lane

Service Description

There are many different instruments used to create sound bath experiences. Each instrument can resonate differently with each person, and where they are on their wellness journey. Sirah wanted to take two of her special medicine friend's (instruments) and put their powerful healing vibrations together. Creating a healing sound session that can: move old, stuck energies, past patterns, ancestral karmas, shift your mood, improve insomnia, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and help improve the general quality of your life. Sirah is honored to be the caretaker of Brenna, an 18 inch buffalo medicine drum she made with her very own hands. The vibrations of the drum brings us into rhythmic balance as it connects the left and right hemisphere of our brain. The human body, mind, and soul recognizes the vibrations of the drum. It has been in all of our lineages, used in ceremonies and for celebrations, throughout human history. Serenity is a crystal lyre instrument that was gifted to Sirah at the beginning of her sound healing journey. She is beyond honored to attune with this beautiful harp-like, crystal tubed instrument that plays like chimes. Serenity produces ethereal, very high vibrational music that dances, and swirls throughout your very being. Permeating every cell and removing that which does not serve your highest and greatest good. Your healing session will start out with a little chat with Sirah about your wellness goals and why you are feeling called to try/use sound healing on your journey. Sirah will then make you as comfortable as possible in her spacious, plant filled living room, prep the healing container by burning sage, and set intentions for the session. This will be followed by 30 minutes of playing harmonies, beats, singing, and downloading muscial messages from the Divine. At the compleation of the session, you will be offered water and a light snack to help bring you back into the present time and space. This service takes place in a cat loving home. Together these two medicine instruments along with Sirah’s musical talent, and Divine guidance can create a healing sound session that can help to shift your life for the better. Would you like your very own MP3 recording of your special sound bath session? Go to Ezra's Store and add the " MP3 Recording Of Sound Bath" to your cart before check out.

Sirah Kreitzer

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